This page contains links to the current "stable" and development versions of the HomeDaemon home automation software.

HomeDaemon is a package developed by myself after trying just about every other product on the market and freely available for this purpose. It was written in direct response to the incredible frustration that I felt with many of these packages, most of which got SO close to "doing it right" but just couldn't quite make the last quantum leap.

HomeDaemon is an evolving product, and currently runs nearly everything in my house - it ties in to lighting, security, irrigation (sprinklers) and even my holiday lighting scheme. The current configuration runs over 300 events and has two "control points" in the home as well as direct access to some functions by IR remote control. It also includes a compiled CGI program for status and remote control of the entire system from any location providing you have a functional web server on your machine (Apache is recommended)

The package was developed to run on FreeBSD, and in the version available here also compiles and runs cleanly on Linux. The code is pure "C" and is extremely efficient; no games, no perl scripts, no nonsense. It requires shared memory and IPC support in your kernel to operate (which, for some FreeBSD users, will require a kernel recompile).

If you're interested in what the returned status page looks like over the web you can view it here (for obvious reasons the control functions are disabled; this is not the actual active program but rather a saved copy.) There are also screen shots at this link for the Leopard Touchscreen (an Applied Digital product) in actual use showing some of the things that interface is capable of.

The code is made available under a license that allows redistribution but not inclusion in any work for which money is charged without explicit permission. Please read the LICENSE and README files carefully before installing this package. It also requires Dan Lancini's "x10d" package to run the CM11A X10 interface. Note that Dan's code requires one header include to be added ("#include <sgtty.h>") for FreeBSD; I am not aware of what, if anything, has to be done under Linux to get it to compile.

Be aware that the "current" code may have both new features and plenty of bugs, and also that it is possible, but not likely, that an upgrade to "current" MAY NOT be reversible. Basically, unless you're willing to play with new things, stay away from the "current" code branch. If you do grab the "current" branch, it is absolutely essential that you go through the README file to learn what is being worked on and what has changed, particularly if you were running a STABLE branch before!

The current STABLE software supports:

Both distributions are made in SOURCE FORM ONLY. I may, in the future, consider binary releases.

The STABLE release is: HomeDaemon.tar.gz (Gzipped tar file, V5.14)

NEW: Check our our embedded option for a HomeDaemon system!

NOTES: It has come to my attention that a change Dan Lancini made to his "x10d_cm11" driver (the CM11A interface that is required for X10 operation of this package), that had previously been believed NOT to impact HomeDaemon, in fact DOES impact it - and in a severely negative way. This problem is FIXED in the STABLE code. If you find that Leviton EXTENDED DIM commands are not being properly reflected in the status displayed with either the DUMP program or the CGI status, you need to update. See the README file in the package!

Email sent from this link should pertain ONLY to the "HomeDaemon" software. I do not guarantee a response, but I will read all comments sent. Please do NOT send HTML-ized email - I cannot read it and won't respond to it. Patches for other operating systems as well as comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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