How to Steal An Election in the United States

By Karl Denninger, Niceville, FL



Now that it is clear that the Gore Campaign will "go to the mat" in their attempt to gain the White House, let's look at how you steal an election that is not yours in this nation.

First, you must make sure you don't concede. Even when you should. That's very important.

Next, you lie in wait yourself, but prod operatives of your party and people who think like you to start legal action and recounts of the vote. But you never, never, never do any of it yourself.

What you're hoping for is that your opponent takes the high ground - that he behaves like a statesman and does not start demanding recounts in places where he won, but where there may have been mistakes made in counting and tabulating the vote.

(This is from elementary statistics folks. In a race in which the vote is statistically tied, mistakes tend to be evenly distributed; that is, they help you as much as the other guy. Therefore, in order to use these mistakes to your advantage, you must make sure that they are uncovered and counted for you only in places where you won. If those mistakes are counted everywhere they won't help either of you, and the results will remain as they were! Further, it is important that you solicit the intervention of humans - imperfect that they are - only in places where their bias will suit your purposes. To balance those biases would be suicidal to your plans.)

Then, once time has run to contest those areas where your opponent won, now you begin your full court press, since the door to do so was left open by people aligned with you and who you goaded into action in the first place.

This is a cute strategy, but one that produces both a morally and legally indefensible result.

Gore traded on Bush's statesmanlike posture. He traded on, and in fact counted on, Bush not demanding hand counts of counties where not only did he win, but where there were more ballots without a selection for President than there were in Palm Beach. There are two of them in Florida, and they were decisively won by George Bush on election night.

Instead, Gore's campaign paid a telemarketing firm to start stirring up unrest in Palm Beach even before the polls closed there, hiring them to call registered Democrats, ask them if they voted, for whom they voted, whether they were confused and to compile a list of those individuals for further action after the election. He did not disclose this activity, and in fact, it did not come to light until after the time had run to contest other counties in the State of Florida.

All of this was done in secret, and in preparation for what has transpired since.

Then, in counties where you have not only a majority of the vote but where your partisans control the evaluation of the "will of the people", you demand hand recounts of ballots - counts where there are no objective standards to determine whether a punch was or was not made for a given candidate. You do this knowing full well that the bias which exists in an area where your party controls the process of the recount and, indeed, where demonstrators (who you orchestrated through your telemarketing and otherwise) demanding the result you want are screaming, hollering, and shoving signs in the faces of those who must judge the outcome, will result in the reversal of the slim loss you succumbed to the first time around.

Folks, it is critical to this nation and the integrity of its election process that this kind of rigging of the results not be allowed to occur. George W. Bush's federal court challenge is unlikely to succeed - but its all they have in their arsenal, having laid down their weapons and behaved like statesmen at the outset of this contest, foolishly believing that Gore would do likewise.

We have, as a citizenry and as a nation, two course of action open to us:

  1. We can support the theft of an election by a party that exploited the statesmanlike conduct of their opponents, smug in the knowledge that statistics, rigged by the expiration of an option to request hand recounts through all of the counties of the State of Florida, would tilt the results in their favor. If we, as citizens, whether Democrat or Republican, refuse to speak out NOW and stop this, we have tacitly agreed to these kinds of underhanded, improper, immoral and unethical tactics. We are permitting the highest office in the land to be occupied by a person who has demonstrated and documented their underhanded, immoral and unethical intentions!
  2. We can demand that Al Gore and his campaign cease and desist. We must pledge that should Gore continue, we will refuse to support and lend legitimacy to his theft of this election and the corruption of its process, no matter whether he wins or loses. We must pledge that we will avenge any resulting theft of this election at the ballot box in all elections to follow - until every Democratic who is currently in office and who fails to act to stop this is either defeated, retired, or has passed away.

The choice is ours as Americans.

We can either decide to demand that the candidates for the highest office in the land play fair, or we can surrender to those who play on the good faith of others and then, having secured that good faith, use it to trample upon them and step on their toes, hands, and, ultimately heads.

If there are going to be recounts, then they must be done in every county in a given state, including those that went for Bush and those that went for Gore. They must also be held to objective standards agreed to by both parties , so there is no "fuzzy interpretation" of whether a vote is punched or not.

If this is not to happen, then there must be no hand recounts, and the machine counted results - which favor neither republicans or democrats, since machines do not have a party affiliation - must stand. Count the absentee ballots, accept the machine results (which are available for all counties at this point) and those are the results.


While this is an extremely close election, and there is no clear mandate for either candidate, the manipulation of the results, post-election, is an outrage for which the public must not stand.

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