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If it's financial related and deserves a post, this is where it will get dropped. Check out the market action - and my read on it - here. Topic areas include the political structure of the country, banking, monetary reform, health care and more.
The K1 Rebreather I've been given a lot of crap about my views towards the diving industry in general and the nanny-state-style of operation for rebreather manufacturers - not to mention their outrageous pricing and policies - for years. Its said you cannot bitch if you have no solution to offer. This page is a chronicle of my efforts towards a solution to the problems I have been griping about!
CA Cert My LLC's Private CA; I normally send "signed" emails. If you wish to verify those signatures this CA certificate bundle (both root and intermediate certificates) will permit you to do so. It also will allow your email client to use the public key in those signatures to reply with an encrypted email transmission back to me.
Ham Radio
After many years of stalling (and no real excuse) I decided to take the Ham Examination "cold" in July of 2010, and passed through General. As a result I now have ham radio privileges from HF to microwave frequencies and most-commonly root around on various digital modes including PSK31.
HomeDaemon The Freeware release (for the Raspberry Pi2) is available!

Public-interest and advocacy consulting time and assistance, particularly for Internet-related projects, is available! Please insert the word "advocacy" or "agree" in the subject line of your message to avoid my spam filters.